Consider Dual Monitors

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Not just the domain of hard-core gamers and stock brokers, using dual monitors has a place in every farm office.

You can search for things online, (like your bank statements or an invoice) and enter data into your bookkeeping or crop record keeping or spreadsheet program etc on the other. You can keep an eye on emails on one screen while you have the main project for the day on the other. Your mouse scrolls from one screen to the other as if they were one screen.

In our online excel course and some participants are running the webinar on one screen and working through the tips on another.

This link has some excellent tips on how to set it up. It’s not hard, I managed to bumble my way through.

You can pick up second hand monitors quite cheaply from buy swap sell etc or your local computer shop may also have one. Take a picture of the back of your computer terminal and they can tell you if the plugs are the same as you may need an adapter. The monitor does not have to be flash, my public servant brother-in-law gave me one from the bin at his work!

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