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Just putting it out there: we don’t always get it right, not on our farms, not in our offices, and not in our family life. This is family farming, and it gets messy sometimes. If you want a list of perfect solutions to every problem your farm business will encounter, we don’t have it - but if you want to be more confident in your decisions, stay up to date with what is going on, and make the best of every situation, join us!


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“Great presenter - very informative and approachable”

"Can’t thank you enough! You gave me confidence in my figures and made the bank side of things easy”

“Thanks for all of your advice and suggestions, it has been very helpful”

“We both really enjoyed it and thanks for all of your tips”

“I get really stressed when we run short of cash. Great to have some new ways to manage it and to know that it can happen to anyone”

“Best webinar yet! Very good presentation – relevant and helpful in stimulating family conversations now and in the future. Like that it focuses on the positives too”

“Great examples, so relatable for our family”

“I really enjoyed the topics and examples. Great presenters. Fantastic Webinars”


Check out our online courses, designed to provide you with the detailed budgeting and business management advice.

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Excel is a fantastic program that many of us have on our computers, but we don’t use it to its full potential. You can learn how to design simple spreadsheets that help you with record keeping and make calculations easy. This course is taught using the side-by-side method where our recorded video lessons are played on a tablet or second screen and the exercises are undertaken concurrently on your computer. Working in your own office allows you to load your own spreadsheets with your own data and apply your knowledge straight away. With realistic farm-based examples, you will increase your finance and business knowledge as we go.

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Farm Budgeting


Effective planning and management of cash flow in farming operations can mean the ability to take full advantage of opportunities as they arise and give you an action plan for disaster.

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