Our mentors are smart, practical, and experienced in your area of need.

Let’s face it, you’ve got a big job to do

We all know the value of a confidential discussion with an experienced person. Sometimes you need a sounding board for a great idea, or someone to help keep you focused in a difficult time. You need someone who understands your business, where you live, and what you want.

If you don't know someone within your personal network of friends and family, maybe you need to talk to us. Book a one-off appointment or a package of meetings to be used over a year.

If we can't help, we'll refer you to someone who can.


Our areas of expertise...

  • Business Goal Setting
    We can assist you with establising priorities for your farm business, setting goals and working out a plan of attack. Ask us to develop or review your business or risk managment plan.If you have participated in some training and need some one on one support to implement your great ideas, talk to us.
  • Career and Education
    Are you looking to develop your career in agriculture? We can assist with identifiying appropriate education and training to make your mark in the industry. Assistance with scholarship applications and job interview coaching is available.
  • Managing Change
    We know running a family farming business is complex. Working with a mentor can give you guidance on how to make the most of the challenges you face and overcome difficulties, whatever they may be.
  • Business and Family Relationships
    The ability to build and maintain great working relationships with family is often the key to sucessful and profitable business. More importantly, good relationships are key to a happy life. To talk to someone about how to improve your work and family relationships, call and talk to us.

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