Learn to use the most powerful program you have on your computer with

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  • Develop simple spreadsheets to make complex decisions and calculations easier
  • Keep records for performance management and compliance
  • Analyse data from other programs and applications
  • Present your plans and reports professionally
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Inside our course you will find:


Easy to use excel templates


Cheat sheets on simple to use excel formulas and commands


Real life examples that are adaptable to your farming industry


Ideas to improve your business management and farm decision making


Training was very informative with a trainer who has a great agricultural knowledge.

I like being able to slow down the videos or repeat a section if I have missed something.

It’s great to be able to work on my own computer where I am familiar with where everything is.

I love being able to work with real examples. Some of the spreadsheets I have used straight away on my own farm with a few minor adjustments that I can do myself!

I did this course to learn more about excel, I have learned heaps more about how to better run our farm business.

Course structure


Learn what a spreadsheet is, how to enter simple data and use formulas. Save and open spreadsheets. Build a list of assets and livestock.


Create a project budget with costings. Examples include installation of a new silo
and new set of yards. Learn how to calculate interest cost and the impact of the project on your annual budget.


Build a spreadsheet to help make decisions. Examples include selling or keeping livestock and buying a header or using contractors.


Build a spreadsheet to calculate your cost of production for your livestock, cropping or horticultural enterprise. Model different price and yield outcomes.


Develop a statement of assets and liabilities that can be used to calculate your net wealth using actual values.


Learn how to present your spreadsheets professionally for printing or email use. Import information from other programs into excel and adapt or analyse it.


Course presenter

Carmen Quade

of AgriFocused explains how becoming competent in excel can help you drive your business forward.

Farming businesses are complex. As farmers we are managing a great range of variables each and every season; weather, prices, timing, pests, diseases, machinery and staff. We often find ourselves running over the same calculations in our heads, on our phones or on the back of an envelope as we try to navigate the situations we are faced with.

To tell you the truth, I am not much good at mental arithmetic, I would rather the computer do it for me. I also really like to look at the alternatives when making decisions. What if things went really well? Could we go all out with this project and what difference would it make to our bottom line? My memory can be a bit hazy too, so when someone asks “What was the outcome a few years ago when we were faced with a similar scenario?” it is really good to be able to quickly look it up on the computer.

Excel makes

things easy

It’s a fantastic program that many of us have on our computers, but we don’t use to its full advantage. In this course, you can learn how to design simple spreadsheets that help you with record keeping and make calculations that drive decision making.

Yes, you probably could use the help function, Google a few Youtube videos and learn a bit about Excel. With Excel Skills for Farmers you are working with real life examples that are more meaningful than the typical excel training examples like sales figures for imaginary business in the US. With realistic farm-based examples, you will increase your finance and business management knowledge as you go.

This course is taught using the side by side method where video can be played on a tablet or phone and the exercises are undertaken concurrently on your computer. Working on a computer you are familiar with makes sense. Woking in your own office allows you to load your own spreadsheets with your own data and apply your new knowledge straight away.


Make record keeping, decision making, planning and reporting easy with

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Using practical examples that improve your business knowledge, you will love this course.

Excel Skills For Farm Business

  • Cheat sheets to make things easy
  • Six modules
  • Templates to use on your farm now
  • Step-by-step training videos
  • Lifetime access

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