Running a farm is hard enough.


Make every hour in the office count with our Farm Budgeting


  • Learn the skills you need to estimate income and expenses
  • Know what to do when things don’t go to plan
  • Save costs without sacrificing productivity
  • Produce a professional looking budget for your bank or loan application with our easy-to-use templates.

At AgriFocused, we want anyone, anywhere, at any stage, to be able to access high-quality training, relevant to their business. That's why we created the Farm Budgeting Masterclass online course.

Inside our course you will find:


Seven videos explaining how to budget and manage costs to maximise profitability


An easy-to-use excel budgeting template that makes your budget look sharp


Four videos that help you use the Excel templates, whatever your industry and level of experience


An easy-to-follow workbook to set out your plan of attack and improve your budgeting knowledge


Can’t thank you enough! You gave me confidence in my figures and made the bank side of things easy.

- Sarah

Thanks for all of your advice and suggestions, it has been very helpful.

- Verity

We both really enjoyed it, and thanks for all of your tips - they have saved us thousands.

- Emma and Rod

I get really stressed when we run short of cash. Great to have some new ways to manage it and to know that it can happen to anyone.

- Andrew

Course structure

Six modules to take you from preparing your first budget, examining finance options , reviewing your budget and information on some other great resources to take things further.



Working out income and expenses in complex farming businesses



Using excel and other budgeting tools



Improving cash flow without sacrificing productivity



Farm Finance: What are the options?



Reviewing your budget mid-season



Where to from here? Other types of budgets and additional resources


Course presenter

Carmen Quade

of agrifocused explains why offering training in Farm Budgeting is so important to her.

When I started doing the budgets for our farm business, I really had no idea. This is despite coming from a business background with an Agricultural Commerce degree and a Masters in Accounting. Nothing was around that really gave me the skills and knowledge I needed to prepare a good farm budget and quickly get on to everything else that needed doing. On the farm, things change all the time, and it’s your money on the line.

Finding farm business training opportunities was also hard. When opportunities did come up, they were always in the middle of the day and 100km away. With little children and off-farm work, I could rarely make it.


Fast forward 15 years. We have had a couple of ripping droughts, 72 dust storms, a mouse plague, and some cracking harvests. Our farm business and our family has grown. I have learnt a thing or two. After a stint lecturing in agribusiness finance and accounting at university and some expert instruction from my husband and brother-in-law, I now know my stuff. In 2018, I hit the road offering training to farmers in my local area and had a great response; however, too many people were missing out due to busy on-farm programs and the travel distances.

At AgriFocused

we want anyone, anywhere, at any stage, to be able to access high-quality training, relevant to their business.


Make every hour in the office count with our Farm Budgeting


Designed for farmers, by farmers. You won’t be disappointed.

Farm Budgeting Masterclass

  • Six modules guiding you through budgeting to maximise profitability
  • Easy-to-use templates to make your budget look sharp
  • Step-by-step training videos for all skill levels
  • An easy-to-follow workbook
  • Lifetime access

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