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Manage the office side of your farm business
with greater confidence and in less time

our hands-on training package delivered in your farm office

will assist you to

  • Establish easy record-keeping systems
  • Streamline bill payment and bookkeeping
  • Reduce accounting fees
  • Minimise filing time
  • Spend less time in the office for better results
  • Stay up to date

This course is for those who want to bring ease and professionalism to their farm business

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone new to farm office management - farmers just taking over the books
  • Those dealing with growing pains in your business and realising that it's a lot bigger job than it used to be
  • Those who want to know more about setting up a "less paper office"
  • Anyone seeking higher levels of efficiency and competence - just wanting to do it better in less time


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Why you need Farm Office Plus

Farming businesses require a diverse set of skills. Operational knowledge is key and knowing how to produce high quality food and fibre is something you or other members of your business would have been doing for years.

The office side of the business is something else and often the office manager is dragged kicking and screaming into the role when there is so much other work to do.

Big or Small - where there is business, there is office work.

Office management is valuable work, and you run a successful farming business you need to know how to do it well.

Sometimes it's Overwhelming

It's been a while since you have done anything more than the absolute essentials and things are piling up. Bank reconciliations need to be done, the accountant is calling, someone says you have missed a payment, but you are not sure.

You can start to improve things now, but let's face it, there are other things you would rather be doing

Jobs in the paddock, spending time with family, catching up with friends, doing work that makes you money! There are a lot of other things we could be doing with our time, if we had more of it.

With Farm Office Plus you can learn how to do the same work in less time

Farm Office management requires a diverse skill set, personal organisation, change management, accounting understanding and some legal knowledge. Yes, you can self-teach a lot of things but if you don't have the time or don't like making mistakes, you need to invest in your own skill development.


Want to look over the shoulder of other farmers and see how they sort things out?

Lean in while I show you the best ways to set out your online files, schedule office time around other busy tasks and reduce time wasting mistakes. It is harder if you have never worked in an office environment. Learn tips and tricks from other farmers in the know.

You can do it

You use simple processes to make everyday farm tasks easy. Marking lambs, weaning calves, filling the seeder. There is a rhythm and a process you have developed to reduce the amount of thinking you have to do with common tasks, reducing errors and speeding things up. Office systems are no different.

Start now to move beyond data entry and compliance to a level of business proficiency that drives decision making

Once the overwhelm stops, the magic begins. Farmer that are on top of their office management are ready for new opportunities, take on new technology and enjoy running their own show.



Course Components


Office Work

What we must do, what we should do and what we need to stop doing


Structuring your document storage

Electronic and paper record keeping


Office design for maximum efficiency

The physical space


Creating a system that works for you

Smooth running processes that that are easy to follow


Saving time in the office

The same achievement
in less time


Presenting your business professionally

Email, letter and report writing, graphic design


Managing Change in Family Businesses

Greater improvement, less conflict


Setting Goals

Let's make it happen


Course presenter

Carmen Quade

of agrifocused explains why she developed Farm Office Plus

Anyone unfamiliar with farming or unfamiliar with small business management can easily underestimate the work involved in running a farm office. I definitely did when I put up my hand for the job in our own farming partnership 15 years ago!.

In addition to the relative simplicity of paying a few bills there is insurance, registrations, equipment finance, government grants and reporting, bank loans and payroll. On the production side of things there is data recording related to paddocks, genetics, inputs, marketing of grain, fodder, livestock, milk or produce.

Whilst there is excellent training available on how to use the computer programs for some of the tasks (like our finance systems), there is nothing out there that tells us how to bring the whole thing together.

This course is presented from the perspective of a family farming business, and we make no apologies for that. Farm offices don't operate in a vacuum! There is a spouse, kids or grandkids, off farm work, on farm work and lots of other responsibilities. We look at Farm Office management from the perspective of a busy person that wants to do a good job and to do it with ease.

Course Access

Open twice a year in February and July.

Work through at your own speed in the privacy of your own office. Join our private Facebook group and enjoy participating in three live webinars.

This course comprises video content, a workbook and numerous templates for you to review and revise your own systems.


Want to know more?

Talk to Carmen Quade about this course via email:

We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about how our course may fit your needs, and will recommend you elsewhere if it does not.




$800 + GST

Join us

  • Lifetime access to all 8 modules
  • Three live webinar sessions where you can meet others, ask questions and get advice
  • Membership of our private facebook group where you can post your questions and learn from others

Instructions on

  • Setting up a ready reckoner to keep all of your important details where you need them
  • Setting up safe and secure IT systems
  • Using apps and programs that work

Worksheets to help you

  • Identify what you need to do and what you can stop doing
  • Plan out your week and month for optimum productivity
  • Set goals the whole team will follow

Templates to present your business professionally

  • Letters
  • Emails
  • Invoices

Step-by-step training videos

Lifetime access