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A while back I put a post up on Facebook – 7 Tips on how to managing vehicle registrations.

It generated some great comments and conversation. It’s a pain point for many, but not all, farm businesses.

Some people thought it was not an issue and that’s great. Possibly they run farm with less vehicles, are more organised farm owners or were wise enough to put all registrations in the same name.

In some states it’s easier. NSW possibly has the most annoying system.

When looking for the best option to manage something in your farm its important to remember that we are not all the same, our businesses are not the same and the one best solution approach to problem solving does not work.

That’s why we always like to offer a range of options and let you as the master of the ship, plot the best course of action.

Our seven tips are now ten tips and I have listed them for you below. You might need more than one.

10 Ways to Keep Track of Vehicle Registrations

1. Use some sort of hand written record or a list.
A hand written perpetual calendar, in the front of a diary in the annual calendar part, on a whiteboard in the office or in a spreadsheet

2. Add as a recurring event on an electronic calendar

3. Set a reminder on your phone to repeat each year

4. Move to a common expiry date (all vehicles same date)
Some great comments about being really careful about the time of year you set to avoid too much extra work and avoiding holiday periods. Its also worth taking advantage of the fact that in NSW pink slips can be organised up to 12 weeks in advance

South Australia

5. Add as a task on an app like notes or todoist

6. In January, add all data and numbers in as a job in your farm management app

7. Add them to the agenda of monthly meetings

8. Make your own reminder sticker for windscreens (Thanks Anna Bell for this one)

9. Take advantage of the tools provided by the relevant department in your state

NSW RMS – Service NSW App reminders
VIC Roads – Annual direct debits and auto renewals
QLD – E reminders
SA Department for Infrastructure and Transport – Monthly, Quarterly or Annual payments

10. Appoint a minister for registrations
(thanks Cathie)  Having one key person responsible for organising (perhaps not all the doing) generally makes sure things get done. Don’t be afraid to pass this task onto someone in a younger generation. It’s a great stand alone activity that someone can take on to make a contribution to the office side of the business.

Hope this helps

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