Will debt always be there ?

Being debt free in ag is something that lots of people aspire to. The idea of no being answerable to a bank manager and not having to think about the implications of interest rate rises is certainly attractive. However is being debt free achievable in growth focused ag businesses, and is it something worthwhile to…

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Why is work life balance so hard

Man working

Can you do less work and make more money? Don’t worry – I’m not going to talk you into some sort of pyramid marketing scheme, dressed up as an online business, where you make money convincing others to buy an overpriced thing they don’t need and sign-up other people to do the same. What I…

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What we can learn from Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth’s recent Platinum Jubilee has thrown the Royal family into the spotlight once again and given me reason to reflect on the path trodden by Meghan and Harry.Did I tell you I met them?I met Meghan and Harry in 2019 after a workshop in the Riverina. I also met them 15 years ago when…

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