Time flies by in the yellow and green

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George Ezra sang about traveling through Barcelona in his song Shotgun. I know all the words because first the preschoolers then the primary school kids had it as their end of year concert song. It was all I heard for months.

Key lyric ‘time flies by in the yellow and green” and lots of big hand movements.

My take on this is that the green and gold season of canola, wattle, paper daisies and green crop is soon over and the next stage begins. It is always quicker than any other time of year.

Now is the stage of the pre harvest checklist. I don’t care how you do it, in Trello, in excel, on a whiteboard or on the back of an envelope. Go through the spheres of finance, machinery, paddocks, people and home and work out what needs to be done now.

Top of the list? Some time off farm. A weekend away or a couple of nights in a motel an hour away. Just some time to recharge before things get too hectic. It pays dividends.

Pretty soon you’ll be riding shotgun, underneath the hot sun, feeling like a someone!

Hope things are looking ok at your place. Probably more important to get away if they don’t.

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